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Vibing Out With Kamaria Sarai

Scorpio season is in full effect with Kamaria Sarai's EP release party. The color theme was gold which perfectly complimented the bronze Goddess' complexion.

Without putting any word out everyone seemed to have understood the assignment that night.

It was certainly a night of laughs, entertainment and black excellence.

"Vibing" is just the beginning for this up and coming star. This teaser will you have you asking for more to which I can provide some semblance of solace. Check her out along side good friends Frank Knight aka Frank Knizza and Chuck LaWayne

The night was a success if you can't tell but I couldn't leave y'all without giving some clips of the guest of honor doing her thing.

Check out the full single "Vibing" right here on WVMR and make sure to give her a like and a follow.


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